Saleema Curtis

Saleema Curtis

My story

The story of my wellness journey started over 40 plus years ago, when I was introduced to the book “Back to Eden.” Simply put this book changed the trajectory of my life.      

The information in the book covered wellness from a holistic perspective, and I was fascinated with the various personal stories revealing the healing power of food, herbs, and spirituality.  I learned that I had the power to change the way I felt, looked and thought.

Before reading the book I suffered with constipation and I lived as an anxious unsettled fearful embodied spirit, usually expecting the worst to happen.  I really had no ideal that my lifestyle choices kept me from feeling my best and more importantly truly enjoying life.  Hungry for more of this information I read just about every health and wellness book I could get my hands on.  I attended wellness workshops, nutrition conferences, seminars and took several classes. 

I felt empowered and was moved to change my life and the life of my family.  I shared this information with family members, friends and members of my community.  Our home became the meeting place where family and friends gathered for healthy tasty meals and “right on” conversations.  Right on conversations, included but not limited to, how to eat to live, the negative effects of propaganda; spiritual consciousness, health of the black community, changes necessary to make this world a better place for all humans... 

My desire to learn as much as I could about promoting wellness worldwide afford me the opportunity to teach, facilitate, train, develop and implement wellness curriculums, work at universities; health agencies; school district of Philadelphia; community colleges; non-profit organizations; hospitals; and community clinics.  

 My personal ongoing journey to holistic wellness is not and was not an easy one.  It wasn't the change in food choices, creating a natural home environment, or exercising which posed a challenge.  It was dealing with my feelings and understanding how I felt on the inside.  I had to learn how to release myself of negative thoughts born out of old habits and conditioning.  Doing "my work"  involved looking deep within for my truth and guidance. And it involves, being in touch with my fears, unwanted thoughts, the ability to accept my failures, and understanding that failures are life's greatest teachers.  I've learned not to be so hard on myself, to reward any of my accomplishments, and to keep moving forward, no matter what.    

It is my belief that we are all blessed with a powerful non-exhausting innate presence and connecting with that powerful presence is the major key to living a fulfilled life.  It's a beautiful journey of which I am deeply grateful for.  


My credentials include a Bachelor of Science in Health Education from Temple University, a Masters’ in Public Health from Drexel University, a health coach certificate from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and a certificate in stress reduction from the Jefferson-Myrna Brind, Center of Integrative Medicine.

Contact information:  215-316-1177.