Saleema Curtis

Saleema Curtis

My story

My personal ongoing journey to wellness is not and was not an easy one. Developing my physical, emotional and spiritual wellness had several layers to work through. And even though I enjoyed learning how to cook an array of beautiful colorful foods, wonderful grains, great smelling baked goods, delicious breads, pies, cakes; creating a natural welcoming, fun filled, home environment; and discovering that I loved the feeling jogging gave me, oh my God, the natural high I got from jogging was blissful. Yet, in spite of all the wonderful new found knowledge and experiences, I had deeper challenges to overcome.

I began dealing with my emotions, my feelings, and getting in touch with how I felt on the inside. I had to discover what worked for me when it came to releasing myself of habitual negative thoughts. These negative thoughts kept me in a space of self-doubt and self sabotage. I felt the spirit of fear snatch my greatness from within. It was fear which put a halt on my living a life of grandeur and inner joy. I believed that my childhood experiences defined who I was. I had to learn how to change my way of thinking and being. I chose not to live in that life sapping state. I began to work on healing myself from the inside out. Doing “my work” involved looking deep within for my truth and guidance. It involved being in touch with my fears, watching my behaviors, accepting my failures, speaking and living my truth as I saw/see fit. I had to learn to be consciously aware of my actions, and thoughts. I had to learn to stop being so hard on myself, and to begin to reward my victories (and there are many :), and to keep moving forward, no matter what. It’s been a wonderfully, joyous and painful journey.

It is my belief that we all are blessed with a powerful non-exhausting innate presence, and knowing how to connect with that all powerful presence is major to living a fulfilled and joyous life. Its a beautiful journey of which I am deeply committed to and grateful for.


My credentials include a Bachelor of Science in Health Education from Temple University, a Masters’ in Public Health from Drexel University, a health coach certificate from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and a certificate in stress reduction from the Jefferson-Myrna Brind, Center of Integrative Medicine.

Contact information:  215-316-1177.