Working with Saleema as my nutrition coach has been a great experience. From delicious, creative recipes to energizing workout recommendations to her focus on the spiritual foundation of good health, Saleema’s approach is a refreshing one. I appreciate her patience and ability to customize a plan that fits the realities of my lifestyle.


Self love is deeper than a mantra, a t-shirt and a IG’s intentional work you put in every single day...I thank God for my holistic health coach Saleema Curtis who’s been working with me for almost 2yrs now; she changed my life. She showed me that the answers to a happier, healthier life were right inside of me and if I didn’t become more patient, more compassionate, more forgiving, more caring and above all more loving with myself FIRST I would go through life never knowing, never feeling, never experiencing...the greatest love of all! Day by day I’m becoming a more self aware and less self conscious woman because of her. I will use her services for as long as she offers them...while I know we’re spiritual beings you can not take someone’s physical presence for granted, and I will not take her ability to impart wisdom and guidance in me, in the here and now, for granted! I encourage every adult regardless of age or gender to seek out her services. I’m forever grateful! Nikki Saunders

The work that I completed with Saleema Curtis was transformative. Within 3 months I saw myself grow immensely. The sessions were challenging and powerful at times but I continued through. Recording the sessions was very helpful as you reflect back on the statements made. She transforms your mind, body and soul with the holistic work. Every area of your life is addressed- mental, physical and spiritual. The weekly txt messages in between sessions are also beneficial. The whole experience has changed me . I am kinder to myself more self aware and less aware of what people think of me. I drink more water , fruits , vegetables and I chew my food slower. I am grateful for this life changing experience. Larena F.

Saleema is a knowledgeable, warm spirited, compassionate health educator and holistic health coach.  Saleema encouraged me to be the master of my total wellness.  Since working with Saleema I've been able to pin point some of my self-sabotaging behaviors which kept me from accomplishing my health goals.  Throughout the years I went on diet after diet and I would always return to the same old unhealthy habits.  And as a result of working with Saleema, I no longer experience the weight cycling -lose weight and regain weight, issue.  I maintain my weight and enjoy eating all of the various types of foods Saleema introduced me to.  



I love Saleema's 21 day health program.  It has helped me in many ways.  I feel better, mentally, spiritually and physically, and I really needed and enjoyed her support.  I would recommend this program for any one who is interested in healing physically and mentally.  Even though it took a lot of work and commitment on my part.  I'm pleased with the results. I now hear Saleema's gentle voice in my head..."do the work, watch yourself, your choices..."I lost weight, my skin is clearer, I have more energy, and I feel empowered with courage and strength to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  


Evelyn C

I am so pleased with Saleema's coaching.  She really cares about my wellness journey.  Working with Saleema taught me a new way of looking at food, I knew certain things about what it takes to be healthy, but after working with Saleema I not only know I believe I have the power to make the changes I want.  My skin is clearer, I have a lot more energy, and I feel a sense of inner peace.