What I do


I bring a passionate belief that my clients do not have to remain trapped in unhealthy bodies or be confronted daily by thoughts resulting in poor health behaviors. And, I believe that my ongoing journey is what makes it possible for me to relate to and appreciate your struggles intimately.

Holistic health coaching is about your complete wellness. This involves, the restoration of a healthier body, fulfilling healthier relationships with self and others, and/or finally coming home to your cheerful authentic self.

My holistic coaching approach allows for the manifestation of core issues to be explored and discovered.

We come together as a team, to work with various techniques and skills, until we find the path which is specifically suitable for you.  I listen, purpose, support, encourage, engage, challenge, hold accountable, make recommendations and inspire you on your transformational wellness journey.        

 You are encouraged and able to tap into your own authentic resourcefulness and create a healthier, meaningful, more satisfying life.